Gema Goeyardi – Master of Fine Art & Story Telling Wedding Photography

Hi I am Gema Goeyardi, your Fine Art Storytelling Photographer. I love art and it has been my life since I was 6 years old. In 1999 I got my first camera Fuji Discovery 290 zoom (Film) and It was my first love to photography. I developed the fine art photo-journalism for wedding with a story telling concept in order to make it able saving all the events memory.

Why wedding? Because it is great to freeze the happiness of life. I love to be very responsible for every photo I have taken and make my client happy just like to land my plane safely. Eienni Minni (The Eternal Memory) has 6 most important elements to make the best photograph for your special day. It will be my pleasure in life to create the finest art of wedding photography in your wedding.

Camera: Canon 1DX & 5D Mark III

Lucas Wyrwas – Master of  Story Telling Wedding Photography
As a wedding photographer I tell stories. Capture events as they happen (non-intrusively). Document strong emotions, perceive nuances. Protect their fleeting character. With a high dose of humor and without directing… because the moments matter! I’ve been involved in photography for over ten years – initially studying at Wroclaw’s Creative Attitudes Centre and then in the Department of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznan (Poland). Since 2009 I start to specialize in destination wedding worldwide.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Harianto Keng – Master of Beauty & Fashion Wedding Photography
Being active as a Wedding Photographer more than 5 years makes me understand that every photo should remind them that they’re now no longer two.  Marriage is a gift from God and have to be respected ever after. I always enclose the deepest memories and impressions  inside every photo I made so they could trace back the whole memory when their love is being threatened.

I really like to capture the moment of romance, the beauty of love, and faces of happiness in my works. Photography is my life which is why I became a full time photographer. As an impressionist, I explore each couple’s characteristic and then make a special and unique concept for them especially in pre-wedding photo session. So I am honored to be your photographer.

Camera: Canon 1DX

Daniel Griffiths – Master of Fine Art Wedding Photography 
I began photography when I was 12, purchasing my first SLR camera. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a photographer. Eventually I became a Photo-Journalist and loved it for more than 16 years. During my time at News Ltd I developed a true Photo-Journalistic style, which is largely based on an “as it happens” approach.

I believe a good wedding photographer should be “out of the way” on the day whilst still capturing both the beautiful and the important moments. This requires an understanding of not only what moments are important to couples in general, but also those particular to you and your family. It is through both experience and listening to my clients that I have learned to do this.

Camera: Nikon D4

William – Master of Story Telling Wedding Photography
Hi I am Willy. One day my mom said that I always see the world from a different perspective. I can never understand what my mom said till I meet my lovely camera. God gives us the sense of art in different way and finally I know that photography is the best gift for my life.

For me Wedding photography is the most challenging career. It requires high level of creativity, intuition, speed, attitude, and intelligent to make a story telling photo which can represents the deepest emotion of the bride and groom. I have been working on it for more than 10 years and today, with Eienni Minni, we will present the best art for your eternal memory of love. Every tears of happiness is my desire…..Meet me in your special day.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Andri Dhaffa – Master of Story Telling Wedding Photography
I like painting since I was in 6 years old. Colors help me to keep happy and cheerful in my childhood. When I was 16, photography then is my new hobby.  It is so cool which could freeze the moment faster than a painting. As the time goes by I choose photography as a career and now it has been more than 17 years dedication in wedding photography.

I feel to be challenged in seeing something from different angles and then finally composing them to be a story telling photograph. Everybody can take a picture, but not every photo has a sense of communication. I will make an awesome artistic and storytelling photograph for your life time investment.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II