Grayson & Sheila

Pre Wedding

Have you ever seen the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie? Yes Mr Christian Grey who figured as a cool and sexy rich guy. Now I see it in the real world through our groom to be Grayson. He loves fishing more than anything in this world till he met Sheila during his trip to the H Island. Sheila just like Anastasia for Grayson and soon steal his heart.Both of them are very cool and most easy going couple with same passion and character.

The prewedding photo was taken in a paradise called the H Island around 60 minutes from Jakarta. You’ll see crystal aqua water and bright blue sky for the whole day. This place is a paradise for snorkeler, jet skier, fisherman, and anyone who find a tranquil place to relax. We are so lucky to be there for the prewedding and later the wedding day. So please enjoy the photos and have a great day.

Wedding Photojournalist & Art Director: Gema Goeyardi
Beauty Photographer: Harianto Keng
Beauty Artist and Hairdo: Yenny Rinawati
Location: The H Island, Indonesia