Vandy & Yorita

Pre Wedding

I can’t hide my happiness in Yorita and Vandy prewedding photo trip. Why? Yes, she is my sister! It was a little bit awkward when see my little sister finally has her time like other couple had. But that is life, even my little sister will meet her soul mate and jump into the marriage life.

This trip was very special and perfectly prepared by Yorita. I was so excited since this was my first time took a photo in this paradise. It is paradise! You will see mountains, sea, hills, and savannah in one area. No wonder that time she whispered to me, “Bro you will totally enjoy this trip”

We had a wonderful trip for two days and I saw my sister and Vandy were so happy. Hopefully you can also enjoy this photos and let me know if you wish to visit this paradise to have a life time amazing prewedding photography session

Big Hug
Gema Goeyardi